• Collagen and Degradation
  • Serene Leong

Collagen and Degradation

Collagen is the protein in our bodies that connects and holds our body structure together. It is found in bones, muscles, tendons to provide strength and keeps our tissues from stretching. Collagen works closely with elastin, a highly elastic protein that helps the skin in order for it to return to its original position when pinched or poked. They work together providing the needed support for the skin’s structure making it flexible and elastic.

But collagen can be degraded due to certain causes :

(1)       Deficiency in Vitamin C. According to LiveStrong.com, this particular vitamin is essential to the stability of collagen molecules. Therefore, it is crucial to have a diet rich in Vitamin C.

(2)       UV Radiation. Exposure to UV causes the collagen and elastin to break down and wrinkles then show up on our skin. Use sunscreen and stay away from tanning booths. The intense UVA light penetrates into our skin even more than natural sunlight!

(3)       Smoking affects the collagen synthesis in the skin and will cause the skin to sag.

(4)       Aging. This is a natural body process where collagen production gets reduced from around the age of 40 and is not preventable. However, it is possible to slow down the process. Some skincare products claim to have the ability to stimulate collagen production especially for mature skin.

One of the questions asked is : can I boost collagen by taking supplements and that would make my skin firmer? The jury’s still out on that so DO approach all supplementation with some care.

Fortunately, one can boost his collagen level by taking in foods which naturally build collagen leaving the skin youthful and glowing. Some of these foods include bone broth (which is like eating cooked collagen), vegetables (like kale, spinach, red pepper, beets, tomatoes), fish and lean grass-fed meat, berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries), and garlic.

One can also make use of skin care products to achieve a youthful glow and do away with wrinkles. I personally have found that topical application of good skin care products go a long way in getting that firmed and beautiful skin we all want.

Do you have an experience of your own? Would you care to share it in the Comments section? That would be awesome!

  • Serene Leong

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