• Water & Acne
  • Serene Leong

Water & Acne

I have to admit I’m not a big fan of water per se. I mean, there are so many better tasting drinks than just plain ol’ water! There’s my coffee in my morning ritual, there’s iced tea I could have over lunch, more coffee at tea break et cetera. :D

BUT we all know how important water is to our bodies and we rarely take it in sufficient quantities. Recently, I’ve been in contact with good friends who are battling acne breakouts and I wonder if water plays a role in perhaps not curing acne but helping in its management.

So much of our body needs fluids. These fluids bring nutrients and vitamins to parts of the body that needs them and it flushes away toxins and waste products. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and when it does not receive enough water, bacteria and toxin can get trapped in its layers and acne can appear.

By taking enough water, we are also less tempted to reach for sweet drinks which could be aggravators for acne.

I’ve mentioned earlier that water may not cure acne for some; the skin might be producing more oil (leading to acne) and treatment in other forms will be necessary. However, water can really contribute towards the whole treatment process. There are testimonials of how water has helped (not cure) sufferer’s acne problems, for example faded acne scarring, skin appeared smoother, avoided huge breakouts.

Water is just one factor of the whole management of acne. We also need to consider (1) the amount of sleep we get each night (2) amount of exercise we do (exercising improves blood circulation), (3) tweaking our diets (eg refrain from foods that cause our blood sugar levels to rise quickly).

It is also important to note that water should be sipped and not guzzled. Pace your consumption evenly throughout the day. Our bodies can only take in so much water each time. Too much would be peed out before it can reach your organs.

Yes, there is hope in good ol’ plain water!

  • Serene Leong

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  • Mar 15, 2016

    Not enough water and too much sugar. Main culprits of many diseases. Drinking too much is better than not enough, unless one develops diabetes insipidus.

    — Elijah Lim

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