• Go Vegetarian?
  • Serene Leong

Go Vegetarian?

Whether we are considering a vegetarian diet because we see celebrities endorse it or because we want to lose weight or have better skin, it makes sense to find out more about it before we decide that being a vegetarian or vegan is automatically preferable to being an omnivore.

Firstly, why would people go meat-less? Some might say, “it’s less cruel” or “it reduces chronic illnesses”, “it might help with my skin problems”, or “I really want to lose weight!” (which I can TOTALLY identify with).

There seems to be some evidence that being a vegetarian might lower the risk of cardiac problems and certain cancers as well. But DO DO research properly what a good vegetarian diet should have.

According to Chris Kresser who has been studying and practicing alternative medicine for more than a decade, vegetarians (and vegans as well) have a greater propensity to suffer from a deficiency in certain vitamins and nutrients, for example Vitamin B12, calcium, EPA and DHA and iron and zinc. Do take a read at http://chriskresser.com/why-you-should-think-twice-about-vegetarian-and-vegan-diets/.

Does going vegetarian give you better skin? Well, we know vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and antioxidants which can help you achieve better skin, nails and hair. And I do believe that what you choose to eat does get manifested outwardly. So does that mean we should go vegetarian?

Here's the perspective of an esthetician, Renee Rouleau :

“From working with skin hands-on as an esthetician and skin care expert for over twenty years, I have to say that I most definitely have seen similarities in the skin of people who have a vegan diet versus those who are not. What I have noticed is a dull, tired, sallow look to the skin, similar to that of a heavy smoker’s skin, as well as a premature loss of skin tone. Because a vegan diet consists of mainly fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grains, those that follow it may have trouble getting enough protein—the building blocks for skin. Protein is an essential component that makes up cells in the epidermis, including collagen and elastin fibers to keep skin firm and smooth.”

So where does that leave us? Should we head down the vegetarian path or stay an omnivore? Or how about going vegetarian part time? Whatever we choose to do, consider and weigh the facts, understand the pros and possible cons too. Look at ourselves as a whole – not just in terms of good skin, good figure but definitely good health all around.

  • Serene Leong

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